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Animate your videos with awesome social media lower thirds and social media outro. you can simply download this after effect template pack with below links and you can add them to after effect and premier pro. you can change this text and colors with after effects. if you going to add this templates to video you should add them to after effect first then you can change what you like to publish. 

this all templates are free to use. it means you can use them in you tube and other social medias. if you having some trouble while editing this templates please contact me or comment my you tube comment section

click here to Download

after download this templates you can simply changes everything with after effects any of version but if you using latest versions you can easly change and idit this after effects templates. 

you can see this templates from below video.

We all getting problems when we sending Facebook friend requests over gain and again. Facebook limited this activity when we sending more than 1000 Facebook requests. sometimes we already send more thank 500 Facebook friend requests their limit who can send send Facebook requests. therefore we should remove or cancel we already sent Facebook friend requests. so today i will show you how to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook following 2021 update. Facebook changes pathways when cancel sent Facebook friend requests. so this content create with new update it mean this blog creating following 2021 Facebook.
there is few methods when we canceling sent Facebook friend requests. how ever i will show you best and easy methods to cancel this Facebook friend requests. 

first find the friends icon following on your Facebook home screen or from your profile. this friends icons i have already shown in picture right here. if you don't have friends icon in your home screen facebook you can add it hold pressing on one of icon showing here. then you can select what is the icon you should keep or remove.

when you click the friends icon you can see your friend suggestions and friend request to you. if you have friend requests from an other persons. you can see a option see all . click on it. 

then you can see like this page. in this page top right corner have three dots. i have marked it arrow. press the three dots here.

then under the screen you can see a option view sent requests icon. then click on the view sent requests.

then you can see you have sent facebook requests here. then you can cancel it. so what we do when we dont have friend requests in facebook? there is the method for who does not have facebook friend requests.  
first step is same for this too. click the friends icon on facebook. you can find it from facebook home screen or from profile. 

then you can see a option as requests. like this picture. click on the this requests icon.

now you can see your empty facebook requests to you have. but top right corner have three dots same like previous option. then click on it. then you can see a option to view sent requests same like previous pathways. 

when you click the view sent requests you can see all sent request here when you sent but not accepted by them. then you can remove all sent friend requests from here.

so this is the method cancel sent friend request on Facebook but not accepted by them. you can clear this not accepted Facebook friend requests following this methods. if you have more questions please give a comment in my you tube video right here, when you using android or IOS this pathways are same for cancel sent Facebook friend requests 2021. 
to better understand please watch the my video tutorial. 


Facebook followers mean awesome thing in Facebook everyone knows Facebook gives only 5000 friends but you can keep more than 5000 followers as friends enabling this Facebook following option. how ever you can upgrade your Facebook profile with Facebook followers. when you enable the Facebook followers your future post and other things can see anyone who does not in your friend list. it means you are give access to everyone who are in Facebook they can visit and can see your posts and profile just like your Facebook friends. Facebook is a place living people 100 million of people as their social media. how ever i will show you how to set up Facebook profile to get Facebook followers. 

first you should know what happen when you enable the Facebook followers, Facebook following mean people who are going to friend without your permission. it mean they can see your Facebook profile and timeline. this Facebook followers option gives you chance to keep friends as followers more than 5000 and give some chance to rank your profile as much in Facebook. 

lets see how to set up Facebook profile to get Facebook followers. 

first you should open Facebook setting then find out Facebook privacy setting it showing like this interface. it same in IOS and Android. then keep this all setting as public. then people who are going to follow you they can see your future post and other things then your Facebook profile can increase Facebook followers. 

after done in Facebook privacy setting go back to setting and find public post option. when you open the public setting you can see like this interface. make sure keep all setting here as public. this is the main things in Facebook followers setting to set up Facebook profile to get Facebook followers. 

then go back to your profile and refresh the timeline check you have Facebook followers in Facebook profile 

just like this Facebook profile. some time you have 10 % chance to having Facebook followers like this. if you cant see any Facebook followers you should enable them in your Facebook profile. when you open the Facebook profile you can see a option edit public details. you should open it and drag to below make sure to you have followers. 

when you open the public details in Facebook profile . you can see like this page. in here click on the edit icon details. then you can see your Facebook followers. 

then you can simply enable them click and giving the tick mark. if you don't see like this Facebook followers. it means you don't have one least Facebook follower. ask from the friend follow you. then you can see this followers setting like this. 

when you having future Facebook friends request they will be your Facebook followers. 

If you have more question please watch the below video to better understand. this video from my new You TUBE channel. give a subscribe to my new channel. i am going to make big change with new channel. thank you ❤


What is the google play points? Google Play Points are simply rewards for purchasing content through the Google Play Store. These points can be used to get discounts, purchase in-app items, or for Google Play Credit. It's free for anyone to sign up for Play Points. At first, you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. Learn to earn google play points and convert them to google gift card. google play points are give you google gift cards, in google play store. you can simply check your google play store support to earn google play points. if your google play points not here you should change your google play store.

How ever google play points depends on country so we should change the country location first. is it very easy . we need a good quality VPN for change country first. when open the google play store with good VPN the google play store determine we are now in an other country. then we can get a chance to change the google play store country.

other thing is we need a provide payment method to google play store to change country as we wish to country while using with VPN .

But we can find the point to change country with adding payment method such as paypal or credit card and debit card details. this is the question , How to find payment details such as paypal , debit card details credit card details?

No need to wort search in google, fake credit card generator. as you wish to change country . one of example. search fake credit card generator A then you can find lot of links and web sites who provide credit card details free.

open one of website then you can find a credit card details.

T change the country you dont need to root or any other permission from phone. but you should know one thing. after change google play store country you can not change again with in 12 months.

to change google play store country open your google play store and locate account section. then you will see switch country to your located VPN location country. click on it and provide payment methods to as you find from fake credit card generator web site.

sometimes google play store says this payment details not correct. but dont worry close the google play store and except VPN then open again google play sore and check the country in your google play store.

if you can not change the country please watch the video i have provided in upper layer on this blog post.

then we have to FIND GOOGLE PLAY POINTS option. when you successfully change the country when you pressing the option for google play sore. you can see new google play points options.

we can earn google play points when we spent every dollars. bot I will show you a method hoe to earn google play sore points free. open google play points option and agree to the terms and conditions in google play store. then you are in google play store.

you can see task for earn google play points in play points section. but free task are limited. that s why we need aVPN to this . connect with vpn and open google chrome web browser. then sign in with your same gmail address. we used before to change the country.

then find the google play points. then you will see free task to find google play points, such as download and install this apps. around 10 Mb or 20Mb when you finish the jon google play points rewards add to the your google play store account.

lets talk about how to grow in google play points free in next post or next vide. if you like me. you can SUBSRIBE in the Youtube. to better undertand please watch the both video tutorials provide me.


Learn to lock your whatsapp chats and whole whatsapp acoount with your finger print ( touch ID ) or new created pin. how ever whatsapp gives new security option with new whatsapp update. this new whatsapp features support with new update. if you cant find them following this post, you should update your whatsapp application to latest version of whatsapp When enabled, you must use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock WhatsApp. You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked., therefore you should make a password never forget one, 

what happen when i forget the pin? dont worry whatsapp ask you to add email address to back up. after add email address you can simply reset it. when you add finger print as your touch id is very easy to unlock. there fore recomended touch id finger print for lock your personal whatsapp chat. 

Doesn't matter what you use the mobile for this touch id feature in whats-app, but your mobile should work for finger print feature. it means your mobile doesn't have touch id finger print locker. you can not use this whats-app touch id feature. but you can use whats-app pin locker for lock your whats-app account with pass cord. 

this is the view after active whats-app finger print lock

you can use this whats-app finger print feature following setting and select privacy, in this privacy option you will see below corner touch id. when you enable the touch id feature, you should keep immediately for locker. other forms sometimes doesn't work. therefore make sure to keep setting as immediately lock when you add the touch id finger print lock to the what-app. 

this solution for who doesn't have finger print lock on your phone. we can add password as a pin to lock whats-app. for active pass-code for this whats-app, open the whats-app and find the setting, then locate the account section on your whats-app account.  

on your whats-app account you can see two step verification. this is the point we are gonna work with. open it add they ask a 6 digit pin for lock your whats-app screen. make sure to add good pin you never forget. after adding a pin whats-app ask again it. therefore retype it and conform, finally its ask a email address for who can forget the whats-app pin. therefore you can add email address for backup your whats-app pin. or you can ignore it. 

watch the video tutorial to better understand'

Hello everyone welcome back to another post, sometimes we need to change location and profiles to download more apps and get reed oms etc. how ever in this post i am going to show you how to change google play store country,
be carefully you can change country once per one year. 
if you like to change google play store country? follow me now, first you need to download good quality VPN i can recommend  TURBO VPN it is a good vpn than others. after download the vpn make sure to change it what you like to change location as your google play country.

next step. after connect the vpn . close all the apps you are run. google play store etc. no need to clear data and cache.  then open google play store and navigate to account section.

then you can see a chance to change your country. to change country you need to add payment method to google play. but it no need to complete payment method application. as example click the add paypal. if you have a paypal account. add it.
after complete this step close again google play store and open it again. navigate back to google play store account.

then you can see like this page on your google play store. tick mark it to change google play store country. after complete it. google play store app. will reboot with in one min. the you can use your google play store account with out VPN , google play currencies will be change with in 24 hours.