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Customize your old windows to get new look with out booting windows. this windows customization tutorial I am using windows 10 version.but you can use your own windows version customize your windows like this. windows 10 is easy thing to customize without booting windows. how ever I like to suggest you please create a windows restore point before doing this windows customization. 

I have create a video how to customize windows like this with rain meter app then we can active  live raining screen live wallpaper, how ever we need to some applications to customize windows. you can download this all need applications from this below links. 

Download live wallpaper setup
Download rain meter
Download omnimo skin

after downloads the all need applications we should install it. first we can install live wallpaper setup. after install the live wallpaper setup. we can active any of live wallpaper. but in this tutorial I am going to show you how to get rain weather screen. but you are free to choose any of live wallpaper. 

How ever after install the live wallpaper setup. you will see like this screen. you should click next and next again to active this live wallpaper to your windows. after complete the installation. they said. click the live wallpaper icon on task bar, when you click the live wallpaper icon,

You will see like this screen. you are free to choose any of live screen wallpaper. but in this windows customization I will choose rainy live screen wallpaper. to enable the live screen. click on the one of choose live wallpaper set. 

After doing this, your wallpaper will change and you can see rainy screen, but there is not our own wallpaper. but we can add any of wallpaper as rainy screen. 

You can download any of favorite wallpapers from any of site. after download your wallpapers., right click on you have active live wallpaper set. then select open file location. then it will open the folder, that folder include the name contain the wallpapers. open that wallpaper folder and replace your own wallpaper. 

close those folders and right click on your live wallpapers set. with live wallpaper app. then click customize.

Then appear pop up screen and setting for live wallpapers. in this screen you can choose your own downloaded wallpapers.

Then Install Rain meter app. this app can download the upper links I have provided. 

Now we need to install last app. the Omnimo customization app. when you complete the installation. its ask your home language. to start the app you should click the Language.  

Now you will get like this screen, now we can hide the home screen icons. to hide home screen icons right click on the desktop then view and uptick view desktop icons. now your home screen will be clear.

This theme contain some widgets how ever we can remove this also. to remove unwanted things here, right click and click remove. 

the last step. hide the task bar. right click the task bar. select task bar setting, then you can hide the task bar. after doing all of this you will get like this screen.

If you got any of trouble. please contact me comment the original video comment section. to better understand watch the video tutorial from You tube. 

watch the video tutorial from You tube