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iOS 14 - How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube


Learn to enable you tube picture and picture mode to watch youtube videos on your home screen and while lock screen also. Picture in picture feature comes with after iOS 14 and later. if you loves to youtube music this feature is good and awesome. when you playing music on youtube you can simple come to home screen and do something what you like to checking emails texting to someone.or anything like to do. but your youtube video still playing on your screen. so this the best thing about picture in picture mode on iOS, 

How do you use picture in picture on iOS 14?
In a compatible app, which includes Apple's apps such as ‌Apple TV‌, you can tap on the Picture in Picture icon available at the top of the app to activate Picture in Picture mode, double tap on the video with two fingers, or swipe upward from the bottom of the ‌iPhone‌'s display to activate Picture in Picture mode.
lets start and lets see how to enable picture in picture for youtube. for this setup you need one app we called shorcuts 
this app comes with iOS but you dont have this you can simply download from appstore, this is the app we can create a short cut for get youtube to picture and picture mode, 

open setting and find this shortcuts app, we can find it here after install from app store,when we open this app we can find some setting and we should enable untrudsted short cuts 

you can see this setting in this picture, after enable this open safari browser and any other browser and search youtube pip, or type the web address to following me ,

open this link and enable youtube picture in picture setting, when you finish the setting this site auto redirect to our installed shortcuts app, then we can open youtube app and select the video what you like to play on your home screen also, after open the youtube video, click share icon, and click more icon. then you will see one more icon as youtube pip. click that icon,

then your video goes on home screen, but sometime we can get error, just like could not run unknown action. from top corner of screen, to fix this error, we should click on this error,

after click this error we should download one more app. for support youtube pip, we dont need search that apps, when we click the this error we redirect to shortcuts apps and they ask to install one more app, 

this is the interface when we open the shortcuts app from clicking or error notification, then click the middle area we can find, click view in app store, 

this is the we have to dowload, after download this app, open the youtube app, and find a video wht you like to play on your home screen or lock screen, then click share icon and more icon. then you will see YouTube pip icon also, then your videos goes on your home screen.

you can hide this video, resize, mute and do anything with home screen, while doing anything on your home screen. so this is the tips for to enable picture in picture for youtube, to better understand watch the youtube video, and give a feedback to us. to watch more videos, subscribe me on youtube. thnak you.. ❤
To Better understand watch You Tube video


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