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How to Cancel Sent Friend Requests on Facebook 2021

We all getting problems when we sending Facebook friend requests over gain and again. Facebook limited this activity when we sending more than 1000 Facebook requests. sometimes we already send more thank 500 Facebook friend requests their limit who can send send Facebook requests. therefore we should remove or cancel we already sent Facebook friend requests. so today i will show you how to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook following 2021 update. Facebook changes pathways when cancel sent Facebook friend requests. so this content create with new update it mean this blog creating following 2021 Facebook.
there is few methods when we canceling sent Facebook friend requests. how ever i will show you best and easy methods to cancel this Facebook friend requests. 

first find the friends icon following on your Facebook home screen or from your profile. this friends icons i have already shown in picture right here. if you don't have friends icon in your home screen facebook you can add it hold pressing on one of icon showing here. then you can select what is the icon you should keep or remove.

when you click the friends icon you can see your friend suggestions and friend request to you. if you have friend requests from an other persons. you can see a option see all . click on it. 

then you can see like this page. in this page top right corner have three dots. i have marked it arrow. press the three dots here.

then under the screen you can see a option view sent requests icon. then click on the view sent requests.

then you can see you have sent facebook requests here. then you can cancel it. so what we do when we dont have friend requests in facebook? there is the method for who does not have facebook friend requests.  
first step is same for this too. click the friends icon on facebook. you can find it from facebook home screen or from profile. 

then you can see a option as requests. like this picture. click on the this requests icon.

now you can see your empty facebook requests to you have. but top right corner have three dots same like previous option. then click on it. then you can see a option to view sent requests same like previous pathways. 

when you click the view sent requests you can see all sent request here when you sent but not accepted by them. then you can remove all sent friend requests from here.

so this is the method cancel sent friend request on Facebook but not accepted by them. you can clear this not accepted Facebook friend requests following this methods. if you have more questions please give a comment in my you tube video right here, when you using android or IOS this pathways are same for cancel sent Facebook friend requests 2021. 
to better understand please watch the my video tutorial. 


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