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How to Lock whatsapp with Touch ID or Pin


Learn to lock your whatsapp chats and whole whatsapp acoount with your finger print ( touch ID ) or new created pin. how ever whatsapp gives new security option with new whatsapp update. this new whatsapp features support with new update. if you cant find them following this post, you should update your whatsapp application to latest version of whatsapp When enabled, you must use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock WhatsApp. You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked., therefore you should make a password never forget one, 

what happen when i forget the pin? dont worry whatsapp ask you to add email address to back up. after add email address you can simply reset it. when you add finger print as your touch id is very easy to unlock. there fore recomended touch id finger print for lock your personal whatsapp chat. 

Doesn't matter what you use the mobile for this touch id feature in whats-app, but your mobile should work for finger print feature. it means your mobile doesn't have touch id finger print locker. you can not use this whats-app touch id feature. but you can use whats-app pin locker for lock your whats-app account with pass cord. 

this is the view after active whats-app finger print lock

you can use this whats-app finger print feature following setting and select privacy, in this privacy option you will see below corner touch id. when you enable the touch id feature, you should keep immediately for locker. other forms sometimes doesn't work. therefore make sure to keep setting as immediately lock when you add the touch id finger print lock to the what-app. 

this solution for who doesn't have finger print lock on your phone. we can add password as a pin to lock whats-app. for active pass-code for this whats-app, open the whats-app and find the setting, then locate the account section on your whats-app account.  

on your whats-app account you can see two step verification. this is the point we are gonna work with. open it add they ask a 6 digit pin for lock your whats-app screen. make sure to add good pin you never forget. after adding a pin whats-app ask again it. therefore retype it and conform, finally its ask a email address for who can forget the whats-app pin. therefore you can add email address for backup your whats-app pin. or you can ignore it. 

watch the video tutorial to better understand'


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