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How to use After effect animation in video with adobe Premiere Pro

How to use After effect animation in video with adobe Premiere Pro

Learn to use after effect animations in to a video with adobe premiere pro. when you like to use animations on your video adobe premiere pro is a good solution with after effect templates. we can create a simple animation with adobe after effect or simply download after effect template with free after effect templates provide website. if you like to download free after effect templates just join with our freelogit.com .

if you are interest in creating video with adobe premiere pro? this post create  for you.
How to create awesome video with adding cool animations on your video? that's a point . we are going to do it.

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this is my second premiere pro tutorial. please share this post. this post get more views then i will create more posts for you.

so in this video i have created simple pop up animation with after effect . this animation i will add for video using premiere pro.
if you don't have after effect and premiere pro get it free from here 

create a after effect template (project file )

You can create a after effect animation with after effect or just download it. if you are a creator. this step for you. after completing crate animation save the template ( project file ) one folder.  if you using downloaded after effect animation just ignore this step  

save you have created after effect animation as a after effect project file. then open premiere pro and select assembly and drag it to here after effect project file


 If you like to use title animation in to a video. just download this free after effect title animation from below link

Creating a video with adobe premiere pro after placing your video file then you can choose assembly option to add your after effect animation to your video.

after adding after effect file you will see all re compose layers in the screen. make sure to know what we need to edit or add animation name. if you cant find this get back to after effect and rename it what you like to word. then select your animation,

then drag your animation to timeline . after adding to timeline you can edit this clicking on edit .
size. positions, etc. 

watch the video  tutorial to better understand 

free after effect title animation

 or like to use this after effect animation just download it from below link. some time i can create a free animation. just comment me blow. thank you, 


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