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How to setup Custom Domain o Blogger

Google blogger is a free blogspot site. everyone can create own blogspot with them. you can earn money with blogspot creating it branding. to brand a blogger you can use a high quality theme for the blogger. if you like to add a theme for the your blog. but cant find them or if you like to learn how to add theme for the domain. please comment me below. i can help you to choose one theme and install the theme for your blog spot.
How ever in this post i am going to show you how to add custom domain to blogger. why we need a custom domain to blogger?  when we using blogspot free domain the website name showing like YOURBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM we can remove the blogspot.com from byuying a domain.
when we using a custom domain .  custom domain will allow your website to have an undiluted image, which in turn will make your website far more memorable to your visitors. If you receive emails from visitors or URLs to your website are shared with a custom web address, they are entirely your own.
it will famous you and it will help you rank to google. and people can remember your address they are visiting with your blogger. 

Let see how to add custom domain to blogger. ( iam not provide any domain hosting site) 
you can find a good hosting service to buy a domain to your blogger simply googling. after buy a domain your domain page will show you DNS manger. 

this is the my blog spot before add to custom domain. 

after buy a domain find manage DNS setting. this steps are same for every custom domain adding method in blogger. on your blogger setting you can find third party domain add setting .

click the set up third party domain and type your domain name with triple w. example www.webfex.co.uk , then you can see c names to add to your domain. 

add this cnames to your purchased domain. left side words are name right side words are targets. if your domain provider gives a time to peroid for this please select one hour.

after add those c names like this. jump back to blogger setting and. click on setting instructions.

then you will see like this page. this ip address should add to domain. type name as @ select type as A .

ass settings are complete now. please refresh the blogger page and retype your domain name again and save it. it should save without error. 

after few minutes your domain will start work for your blog. 

to better understand watch the video tutorial. if you have any problem please comment me below. 


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