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Download any video from any site (free and easy way)

Download any video from any site (free and easy way)

Video downloading is most important thing when we using social media and some websites. some websites not provide a download button to download videos. so how to save a video in our device.? then we need a some method to download videos from like this websites. some time you are using Facebook or instagram you cant download videos to your device. let me suggest you many of types to download videos with your own device, not important what you use device a mobile laptop or tab.

You Tube video and audio downloader free

You tube is a big place to watch more videos and listen music but save to your device favorite songs and videos you need a downloader or online downloader , so in this post I am going to suggest a good application to download videos and audios in single click. easy to use , when you searching You Tube downloaders but you will fall in lot of downloaders. check this You tube downloader, its cool and easy to use.

How to use this? just copy the video link then this downloader will catch up video link. then you can download video or if you like to music then you can download music. from this downloader.

Download the you tube downlader free
Download video from any website
Some website did not provide download links those videos. so we can use a stream video downloader for this. when you like to use chrome or fire fox you can add a download helper addon then we can easy to copy the link to downloader when you use the third party downloader or with direct download browser. how ever we can use this all types to download videos. everyone knows how to download addon to their browser, in google chrome. apps > webstore> search downloadhelper 
add it to you chrome browser. after add the downloadhelper you will see a how to use it below pictures,
The Downloadhelper addon in google chrome
The Downloadhelper addon in google chrome
when you add the download helper to your browser you will see triple ball icon on your browser corner, it is the icon you are going to use download videos from any site. for use it play the video or wait couple of minute to till the catch up download link from website. then you will see downloadhelper icon will coloring up. then just click on it and easliy download it. when you are use the one of downloader you can copy the link and past on your downloader to get fast download.
download videos from any site
Batter understand watch the video,

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