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Change a Website's Favicon ( web site icon)

What is a favicon?
When we logging in to the website we can see a icon as a website icon. this is the we called favicon. when we adding a favicon to website its look like brand website. 

Can we use any picture?
yes. we can use any picture as a favicon. but its must be square The standard size is 16 x 16 pixels.

in this picture you can see a right mark icon , in my freelogit.com website. its my website favicon. 

How to change it?
Its easy to change with website builder . if you are using wordpress website builder , just go to site identification .. then you can change favicon 

When using blogger? Google blogger. 

when you are using google blogger. just jump to layout . on your current theme. you can see favicon icon. then you can simply upload your website icon as favicon. 
before upload a favicon you should update with one of your photo editing software as a png format image . then you can upload it. make sure the keep size 16*16 pixels. 

What about other website builders?
same as wordpress and blogger you can easily find it . 

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