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Free Template - Animated YouTube Subscribe Button and Bell Icon

Wanna get free You tube subscribe button with bell icon animation? then this After effect template created for you. this after effect template easy to edit  no need to any experience to edit this after effect template. 
just open your any of after effect version then you will see main compositions 3 compositions, the main composition is the most important thing . if you wanna change text / fonts on this free after effect template you can simply click on text layer. then all text will be colored then you can type anything what you like to save, 
the font is use random text because of some text not installed someones computer, then they cant use original font when editing this free after effect template.

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Download the free after effect template

if you are in download trouble? just comment me below

the free after effect templates provide with this website and one of my other you tube channel 

just leave with simple subscribe, 

you can use this all free after effect templates to your commercial use, 

watch the after effect animation

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