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Quick Particles Logo animation Free after effect templates NO PLUGIN

Hey everyone welcome my other free after effect template . if you like to get more cool and simple after effect templates . please comment me below i will create templates for you free. or would you like to hire me please click this link .HIRE ME

if you like to learn after effect you can watch my after effect tutorials from my YOU TUBE channel . 
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How to edit and replace logo to this after effect template.?

after open this after effect template you will see 2 main compositions logo . text , 
if you wanna replace your logo to here double click logo comp and add your logo to logo composition. make sure to delete or un visible previous logo . 

if you wanna rename text layer in this after effect template open text composition and rename text layer as you wish. 

now this after effect template yours. in this after effect template  without sound effect if you like to add sounds you can download and add it easy to your after effect logo animation. 

Click green button to download this after effect template free this 

watch logo animation

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