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Google tap to translate. How to enable and How to Use.

Hey welcome back to my post. today I am going to talk  google tap to translate floating button this post ,
Why google translate we need?
when we have to translate something for our mother language. we can use simply google translate. 
ex. a Arabic post  we can translate to English.

How to use Google tap to translate?
Install first Google translate app for your device. you can download it from google play store and i store. after installing this app. go to setting and enable tap to translate. 
and make sure to change what you like to translate language to translated language.

Now keep to background run google translate app. 
then  select text ( using long press ) what we like to translate.

then you will see google tap to translate floating icon on your mobile sceen
then click it. after click this floating icon you can see your selected text translated to you like language,

Watch video tutorial


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