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How To Make Long Shadow In After Effect - Any Version | No Script or Plugin | Simple Method

Looking for long shadow tutorial in after effect?

today i will show you How To Make Long Shadow In After Effects.
mean How to Make Long Shadow in After Effects (Easy Method)
many tutorials on You tube but this tutorial easy and simple method.
in this tutorial i will use custom and simple logo.
you will see it how to make

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the long shadow
is very easy tutorial you will see how to make long shadow like 3d shadow in after effects its sometime see realistic shadow in after effects tutorials,
so in this after effects tutorials is very easy to learn how to learn after effects trick,gradient background in after effects,

 Create a new composition and simply drag your logo to comp. 
its must be PNG format picture. 

After add your logo. add text and what you like create shadow, then recompose all layers as a one composition.

after creation one comp. we must duplicate it using CTRL+D. the duplicated layer will be work as a shadow. 
then find FILL preset from effect and preset. add it to shadow layer. (duplicated layer)

then change fill color to black. 
search and add cc radial fast blur from effect and preset. 
then change setting as a picture. you will find beautiful long shadow, 

EASY... change center point position using time indicator and stop watch

watch video tutorial

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