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How to Edit After Effect Template in Adobe After Effect

Hey everyone welcome back to my an other after effect post, in this post i am going to tell you how to edit after effect template for use your own logo or text.

first you must download this after effect template file, download it below link

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Download the after effect template free 

Before open the template

put the  template file and what you need to use files ex. videos pictures. when you download the template extract file and make sure to keep all files in one folder, ex, your logo
Here’s why: you will find error massage from after effect when you open the template,''
ex, the file could not be found. 

Opening the File

When you open file you must set the all template file in the one folder. then open the after effect template file, you will get an alert that the program needs to convert the file to your version of After Effects don't worry click the continue ,

some times it will show missing font style from the template, it means will alert  you template uses fonts that are not installed on your computer, its not the problem the template will run with you have any font.

or you love the template font you can download and install from searching in internet, there are many sites .

Change the Project Panel

when you open the file. you can see project setting screen size etc.
change the what you like to change panel. ex animation time.

how to change it? click project setting you can change all things.

Replacing Files

main thing is replace items to template, ex your logo. after opening template you will see 
add your logo. replace your logo, your logo goes here. layer
click that and replace your logo. 

Change other setting

changing color or other setting, the clicking main comp you will see setting layer. 
sometimes it will renamed main comp. open main comp to watch and change what you like to change and edit the settings,

To edit the colors of other design elements, use the this Main Comp to locate the settings layer.

Delete What You Don’t Need

you can delete anything what you don't need, ex extra texts. sounds. anything, make sure to keep mind what you wan't. 

Add or replace text

add to some title or other text . some project files have add your title here layer
or  find the text comps in the Project panel/ layer and use the text tool to type. Use the text controls to adjust the color, size, and fonts.

Add Background Music

its simply drag music file then you will see wave cut and adjust it to create awesome


after creating template when you are  ready to export animation then  navigate it to File > Export > Add to Render Queue.

now select the export location and export it,




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