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Grunge Photoshop action| FREE download Photoshop actions

How to run a Photoshop action?

its simply we must load brushes and action files then we can run action.
Download first Photoshop action file

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Photoshop actions free downloads

You can download Grunge Photoshop action file from below link. some times it ask some questions, after complete it you can get it free. 

load brush

click on brush tool to load brush. then select brush setting icon and, load the brush. 

load action file,
click windows>actions. then you will see pop up setting on corner screen.
then click setting and load the action. 

Run the action

make sure to keep picture layer locked and name background. then add new layer and rename it as brush  

in this brush layer we wanna draw want we  like to keep

then select action and play it. 

 that is all...  after doing that you will see a beautiful picture. 

watch video tutorial


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